Speeddating med mig

Jag blev inspirerad av denna bloggare och gör en likadan lista, baserad på shuffle, mina låtar på datorn och knapptryck!

1. How are you feeling today?
Tell me this night is over
2. Will you get far in life? Delicate
3. How do your friends see you? Nowhere to run
4. Will you get married? Ghost of corporate future
5. What is your life’s theme song?
Walk away Renee
6. What is the story of your life? Marry Ann
7. What was high school like? Rock the boat
8. How can you get ahead in life? Do ya think im sexy?
9. What is tomorrow going to be like? The Wanderer
10. What is the best thing about your friends? A day in the life
11. What is in store for the next weekend? Ba ba ba
12. What song best describes you? Crying
13. How is your life going? Soul Man
14. What song will be played at your funeral? 
You've lost that lovin feeling
15. How does the world see you? Dance (Disco Heat)
16. Will you have a happy life? Fire and Rain
17. What do your friends really think of you? Love to love you (Baby)
18. What song describes the person you’re attracted to? Suspicious Minds
19. What message would you like to tell the next generation? Baba O'riley
20. Do you have a deep dark secret? Reunited
21. Do people secretly lust after me? Gimme Shelter
22. How can you make yourself happy? Dance Dance Dance
23. Will you ever have children? On the road again
24. What’s some good advice for you? Theme from shaft
25. How will you be remembered? (I can't get no) satisfaction
26. What is your signature dance song? Desperado
27. What do you dream about? Dim all the lights
28. How is your life at the age of 50? Keep it comin' love
29. What will you be thinking the last minute of your life? Positively 4th Street
30. What song describes your way to look at love? Tired
31. What do you think about war? I'm Sorry, He's mine
32. How do you want to live your life? Not the one I need
33. What song makes you happy when you’re sad? Pieces of you
34. What would you like to tell the world? I'll Feel a whole lot better
35. How would you describe the person you love?
Norwegian Wood (This bird has flown)
36. How would you describe the person you hate?
37. Why did you cry last time you cried? River deep and mountain high
38. What’s in your thoughts ringht now? Whipping post
39. Your passion in life? The most radical thing to do
40. How does your family see you? With or without you
41. How would things be if things were different? The End
42. What do you think will happen to the world? Tired of being an object
43. What’s your thoughts about sex? Chasing Pavements
44. What do you think when you look at yourself in the mirror? Please don't let me be missunderstood
45. What song describes the last year in your life? Let her go
46. What’s your thoughts about death? Summerbreeze
47. What does your friends mean to you? Mercy
48. What makes you cry? Jailhouse Rock
49. What makes you want to hide? Tumbling Dice
50. What is the meaning with your life? Devil with a blue dress on, Good Golly Miss Molly

Ni borde alla göra detta! Superskoj!

Postat av: Garderobsgrubbel&Byråbekymmer

kanske gör den här - den var kul!


2008-12-09 @ 11:52:19
URL: http://pyttis.blogg.se/
Postat av: anna

kul,men mycket att skriva!

Postat av: Karin

Fantastiskt! :)

2008-12-09 @ 21:44:24
URL: http://koftan.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Karin

Fantastiskt! :)

2008-12-09 @ 21:47:54
URL: http://koftan.blogspot.com/

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